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The flat: before and after

I bought the flat in January 2011. Between January and September, I spent evenings and weekends stripping wallpaper, hacking off plaster, sanding and painting.

The kitchen and bathroom were replaced, as were the ceilings and floorings throughout. Spotlights were installed throughout and electric radiators replaced storage heaters. Walls were damp injected and re-plastered.

The flat was sold in December 2014, for 75% more than was paid for it. It was my first project and thanks to its success we’re in a good position going forward. Here are some before and after shots:

The kitchen

The kitchen: before and after

The living area


The bedroom


The bathroom




Outside space (I forgot to get before shots but imagine dark green algae covering everything that needed to be pressure washer’ed off (yes really) before being painted)



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