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Colour me in

There are many things I look forward to when I think about my future home. More space, more light and more bedrooms are high on the list. Less obvious is colour.

I’ve long been an advocate of pure, clean, white interiors. Looking back over my years growing up I can see how this came to be.

During my early teens my mum was constantly redecorating the house, often with colours she’d dubiously created by mixing together remnants from old paint pots. At one point the redecorating process was so frequent, my friend Rachel who used to call for me on the way to school asked if the hallway was actually a different colour every day that week, or if she was going mad. Someone was going mad, but it wasn’t her.

A few years later I was living with my Dad in his mid terrace house in Hove, which even back then needed a serious amount of work. Bursts of colour could be found in sad areas to which my mum had given some of her paint jobs. This included royal blue tile paint that had been painted over half the brown tiles in the bathroom and never finished. And sludge green splash backs in the kitchen and jade green kitchen cupboard doors. Even the application was terrible, visible brush strokes and left-behind bristles everywhere. I forgot to mention the buttercup yellow living room walls that I think were popular once in the 90s…

Needless to say I needed a break from colour. A decade of neutrals later and the prospect of a new home on the horizon and I might just be healed.

I’m dreaming of a dark and moody dining room offset by low hanging copper lighting a la Tom Dixon. And I’m in love with a freshly painted Chartreuse front door that I walk past every day and want to steal. I’m probably going to steer clear of lilac though, sorry Pantone.

I love this Christopher Leach inspired article on the House & Garden magazine blog, House:

And this guest post by Kimberley Hughes, author of Swoon Worthy on the Oak Furniture Land blog offers spot on advice for beginners like me

First things first though… Buy a house.



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