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Wreck hunting

What we’re about to do isn’t for everyone. It wouldn’t be doable if it were.

We’re looking for a wreck. A property that hasn’t been updated in decades, preferably structurally sound and not too damp but one the agents would say is ‘in need of modernisation’ or a ‘development opportunity’.

Living in a building site for months among mess and domestic chaos is too unbearable a thought for many. For us it’s all part of the master plan.

We want every move we make to be profitable, generating equity through smart buying and careful budgeting. As we see it, the best way to do this is to buy the worst house in the street for the cheapest price, transform it into the best and sell it for the most.

We’ve been looking around for months and a few have come up that we’ve considered but for various reasons didn’t go for. We always know when we’ve found a good one when one of us gasps out loud and shouts “check out this shithole!”. Here are some of the delightful gems that caught our eye. Enjoy!

17 Alpine Road, Hove

Bentham Road, BN1

Kenmure Avenue, Patcham

Montgomery Street, Hove

15 Upper Gardner Street, BN1


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